American Idols 美國偶像, (台灣的星光大道)已到第8季了, 最近3年的收視率每況愈下, 製作人的長灘島想法子啦 (聽說台灣的有同樣的狀況). 本週已淘汰到只剩3人, Chris, Danny and Adam. 找房子 ANGELES — Can 室內裝潢a television show with a shrinking audience actually increase its revenue?In the case 禮服of “American Idol,” the answer is yes, and the manner that the show’s creators are 酒店經紀going about it could change the way that producers and broadcast networks think about 訂做禮服the longevity of reality television programs.Despite losing viewers in each of the 房地產last three years, “American Idol,” still the top-rated series on television, is 室內裝潢generating ever-growing profits for its creators and, it appears, for Fox Broadcasting G2000through brand extensions, marketing arrangements and licensing fees. The deals, which 濾桶include products as
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